August 2022 Campaign Resources/Toolbox  

August Campaign Resources/Toolbox  

Ted Sadler

August 3, 2022

Summary: As campaigns ramp up for the Fall, I want to put various concepts and ideas in one document relative to the current campaign climate.  Some items in the proverbial “toolbox” could help your efforts while other items might not.

Background: In Georgia, we are in a unique campaign situation. Many candidates don’t have the cash on hand one would expect them to have 100 days out.  However, the grassroots network of organizations from the last Abrams campaign, the Warnock/Ossoff campaigns and Biden/Harris in Georgia are ready to execute a massive outreach effort.  Down ballot and regional candidates (statewide candidates, congress, state legislature, etc.) in my opinion, don’t need as much outreach funding as let’s say 20 years ago but they play an important role for the overall ticket with proper funding.

Concept: All of the T.V. and media ads in the world for the top of the ticket can’t replace local time-earned trust and credibility.  When statewide candidates come to an area, the regional candidates should know the 20 people who represent and can influence the town and have existing relationships with them.  This idea is the foundation for my O.P.E.N. 2020 project which grew from my frustration from seeing U.S. Senate candidates meeting with a handful of voters.

OPEN20/20 Network | a grassroots policy consortium (

20 Big Issues: I think voters need to hear issues that are important to them personally or that they might think are important if they knew what policies were on the table.  I have YouTube videos that quickly break down these issues in easily digestible bits.

Cross Generational Big Issues | Project Logic Ga  Overview   Part One    Part Two    Part Three     Part Four

Marijuana Laws Reform: We need to push the importance of voting the WHOLE ballot because President Biden needs a Democratic Congress and Governor Abrams would be restricted by a Republican state House, state Senate and constitutional officers.  We get from 46% to 54% by giving infrequent voters special issues like reforming marijuana laws. 

If Weed Users Voted Often | Project Logic Ga

Trump Factor: Birds of a Feather flock together. I don’t care how nice a Republican candidate is personally.  If the former President’s actions aren’t denounced by a GOP candidate, they are complicit in MAGA ugliness.  Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan wrote a great book called GOP 2.0 about what’s wrong with Trump and their party as well as what could be done to return to a civil public debate.  My notes from his book show that no decent American can vote for a current Republican if they want this nation to survive.

Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan’s book: GOP 2.0 | Project Logic Ga

Common Sense Campaign Mapping: Candidates need to move smart.  Republicans are so sour today that Democrat candidates seeking their votes is an exercise in futility.  We win by getting new voters and unaware young voters to the polls. With that in mind, consider this: Half of the county seat is our focus area in most south Georgia rural counties.  Democrat voters outside of town are generally landowners and will vote.  On the GOP side of town, the same can be said about voters except in apartment complexes.  So, the focus is the unlikely voters on the southside of town and that focus can be laser-like because the voting data indicates who needs to be driven to the polls figuratively and literally.

Social Media Presence: Your social media actions are opportunities for the voters and political supporters to hear your vision, tone and voice for FREE.  Ideally, every visit to a town or community generates pictures and short videos of you with them and with related locations in the background (chicken processing plant, school, town square, hospital, public housing, downtown.)  If you don’t have funding for radio and t.v. ads yet, this is the next best thing.

Summary: If we are going to win as a Democratic ticket, it can’t be about Abrams and Warnock alone.  Since they have huge war chests, I personally think they should introduce their fundraisers to down ballot candidates who need a certain amount of money to operate (i.e. statewide 100k, congress 80k, state legislature 50K.)  In return, those down ballot candidates know the 20 trendsetters from the OPEN  2020 model in every county seat—influencers who could take to social media to introduce all candidates. 

 Goal: Hopefully, some of this material from my consulting friends and I will be usefully so we can start asking the top of the ticket to help with candidates fundraising to the benefit of all involved.

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