OPEN 2020: Issues Boil Down

OPEN 2020 seeks to create a network of 20 new trendsetting leaders with existing connections and a strong history in key south Georgia areas and use that network to populate Get Out The Vote and campaign events leading to the November election as well as viral efforts.  In a fresh approach, we want to put potential issues on the table now so that this future network will have an opportunity to consider them and decide what is important and what will move people to register and vote. Brainstorming and other issue lists bring us to the following list which should be boiled down to 20 strong issues at our first meetings.


Democratic Party: The Party of Protection

  1. Health care for all
  2. Fair Wages
  3. Of all races
  4. Of the non-rich
  5. From assault weapons
  6. Of women
  7. Of the truth
  8. Safe elections
  9. Of The Constitution
  10. Of the Planet
  11. Of the Middle Class
  12. Of Our Allies
  13. From a Rigged System
  14. From Fascism
  15. From Evil


Republican Party: Party of Assault

  1. On Health care For All
  2. Smart Gun Control
  3. On the Truth
  4. Fair Wages
  5. On the non-rich
  6. On Safe Elections
  7. On Constitution
  8. Racial Equality
  9. On Free Press
  10. On Our Allies
  11. On the planet
  12. On our safety
  13. On women
  14. On a fair system
  15. On Democracy


Georgia Regional Issues: MATEE

  1. Military
  2. Agriculture
  3. Transportation
  4. Education
  5. Economy/Jobs


Hot Issues

  1. Police Reform
  2. Weed
  3. Military Draft
  4. Money Bail/Prison Reform
  5. Reparations/Heritage


Local/State Issues

  1. School Voucher
  2. Internet Access
  3. Taxes/Entitlement
  4. Home Ownership
  5. What Government Can’t/Shouldn’t Do
  6. Non Voters
  7. Discord
  8. Faith Freedom
  9. College Cost
  10. Immigration
  11. Squeaky Wheel
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