OPEN 20/20 Business Outline


I recently read Bishop T.D. Jakes business book “Soar” and decided to answer his list of Business Executive summary outline questions for OPEN 20/20.


T.D. Jakes

Flight Plan : OPEN 20/20 (Our Policy Education Network)


What are you selling?  What problem are you solving?

A grassroots policy network of 20 trendsetters or influencers in 20 south Georgia cities.  We are solving the problem of political, policy and issue efforts constantly seeking to populate events and rallies without a collection of the individuals who subsequently connect with the community as a whole.

What’s your mission and motivation?

Our motivation is to create a two-way conduit of public policy information that ensures that “regular” people are motivated to stay alert and vote.  As a mission, we seek to put policymakers and political candidates in front of an actual sampling of local residents and to have those residents be compelled by the issues to use their personal, community and viral connections to get “everyone” to vote.

What makes your business unique?

For decades every two years, political campaigns have started local networking from scratch or have relied on state and local political parties.  An army of energetic hipster urban volunteers were often dispatched to organize the local folks or to “teach” them what is important.  OPEN 20/20 acknowledges the naturally-occurring leadership of local trendsetters and seeks to cultivate those new leaders into an ongoing network of influence that is mutually beneficial.

What’s your destination?  What will success look like for your business?

Our destination is an incredible increase in local, state and federal voting from our community—a 20% increase consistently.  Success would look like political and policy town hall meetings with standing room only as engaged voters insist on representative government.


Who needs what you want to offer?  Who’s your ideal customer?

Political candidates, political parties, current officeholders, local trendsetters and all voters need our network.  Our ideal customers are candidates who are frustrated with low attendance at their events and frustrated with not having the best sampling of the community.

Who else could use your product or service?

Our network could be beneficial to any entity seeking to populate a meaningful event in our area or seeking to field test issues, ideas or concepts.

Who will be on your support team?  Who are the other professionals you need to consult or hire for their expertise?  Lawyers?  Accountants?  Consultants?  Others?

Our support team will be based upon the scale of the network.  With under $10,000, we can handle most of the compliance and regulatory aspects ourselves.  After that funding point, we plan to be resourceful by using former congressional staffers or campaign veterans seeking to remain involved in the field in a useful yet limited way.

Who might want to invest in your business?

Political consulting operations that claim to have insight and influence in our areas but don’t actually have influence could use our network to get a “finger on the pulse.”  For a nominal investment, these operations will be able to market their services as authentic and grassroots.


Why do people need your product or service?

People need our network because millions of dollars are spent on political campaigns that don’t hit the mark with the proper message or the message is solid but “real” people don’t hear it.

Why should they buy it from you instead of from one of your competitors?

Traditionally, political consulting operations stage rallies and receptions that are basically “preaching to the choir.”  These events are attended by citizens who “voice and vote” with regularity.  However, we seek to engage non-traditional community leaders; leaders who don’t realize their influence and power yet.

Why will they return to your business and refer others to you?

Numbers.  We will generate measurable numbers: event attendance, election results.  Effective political campaigns start with a review of what did and didn’t work in the past.  That is what we are.  From election analysis to word of mouth, we will be the entity that helped other entities achieve their desired goals.

Why will you succeed where others, similar businesses have failed?

We will succeed because we are “of the people” from the bottom up rather than top down.  We don’t seek to tell citizens how to vote; we will provide the platform on which information flows both ways.


How will you operate?    How will you handle production, distribution, delivery, etc?

Without giving away our ideas, we will say that operations will center on social media and the internet.  Also, local establishments like eateries will provide local warmth and familiarity while supporting trendsetters’ associates.

How much money do you need to get started?   How will you raise this capital?

$10,000 would launch OPEN 20/20 in one congressional district with about 6 of the 20 areas.  This test area might remain the only area.  But if significant funding is secured in 2019, we could serve three targeted congressional districts—Georgia’s 2nd, 8th and 1st.

We raise this capital by convincing political campaigns, parties or candidates that our operation makes their work easier and more efficient.

How will you market and promote your business?

We market and promote via the internet and with our real world current political connections.

How will you manage cash flow?

Our regulatory/finance director will use online banking to fund local operations and to execute our budgetary plans and guidelines.



Where is your airspace, the ideal atmosphere where your business will succeed?

Our airspace is the political arena of south Georgia but if we meet with early success, the network could be duplicated in other areas.

Where will your business be located physically?

The business will be in south Georgia but web- based.

Where will potential customers learn about what you’re offering?

Customers will learn about our network in political circles and online.


When will you start your business?  What specific season and date make sense?

OPEN 20/20 Network will start in the summer of 2019 to start slowly building trust and comfort with the trendsetters.

When will you know your venture is a success?  When you are serve a certain number of customers? Make a certain percentage margin of profit?  Reach sales of a certain number or range?

We will know the venture is a success when our Facebook page has pictures of crowds at rallies we populated and one-on-one contact photos at receptions with pleased candidates.

When will you need to rescale your business?  Hire more employees?  Move to a larger location?

We will need to rescale when entities request that we do more events and provide the required funding.

When will you consider selling your business?

We will sell when our side of the political spectrum request ownership to scale up for the better good.  However, the concept could be for sale now.

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