OPEN 20/20: Goals, Objectives and Tactics

The initial outline for the OPEN 20/20 Network follows basic Business School concepts.   NFL Great Herm Edwards said “A goal without a plan is a wish.  What’s your plan? It’s on you, because you have to do all the work.”

Goal: A broad primary outcome.

Strategy: The approach you take to achieve a goal.

Objective: A measurable step you take to achieve a strategy.

Tactic: A tool used in pursing an objective associated with a strategy.

The blueprint for OPEN 20/20 is:

Goal: To increase rural Georgia citizens’ policy and issues education; to increasing voter turnout and to improve quality of life through better government.

Strategy: To cultivate a network of 20 non-traditional community leaders in 20 cities; to use the network to encourage smart voting; to test policy/issues approaches (feedback) in the cities; to utilize the network to bring voters out to campaign season forums and events; to have the network leaders influence radiate into most segment of the targeted areas.

Objective: To produce 2008 voter turnout results in the 20 communities every election season; to reach 70% of the 2008 voter turnout during early voting; to have the 20 leaders in place in small forums and to use them to have 100 voters in bigger forums.   Ideally, the 20 leaders would have 20 people in their spheres of influence and would receive compensation for having them at events.

Tactics: Use social events to encourage participation (party with a purpose); employ social media to build and connect the network as a two-way conduit; to use the network as a proving ground for candidates and as a “farm team” for future leaders.


Phase 1: Secure seed funding to identify the 20 leaders in 20 areas and have small receptions with them.

Phase 2: Secure larger funding based on Phase 1 to encourage attentive attendance at political forums and hosting our own early voting events in 2018.

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