OPEN 20/20: “Our Policy Education Network”

OPEN 20/20: “Our Policy Education Network 20/20” seeks to create a consortium of 20 carefully selected grassroots trendsetters in 20 carefully selected areas around the state of Georgia. 

The definition of consortium sounds perfect- “a consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

Background: For decades, we have watched our community’s interests in public policy and voting wane inexplicably.  The very people who are impacted by public policy don’t vote and aren’t vocal.  Political parties, candidates and the establishment are reluctant to address these concerns with a fresh approach because they don’t have “standing” in the community.  However, there are members of the community with establishment experience and earned credibility.

Background: During the last few election seasons, Democrats in Republican congressional districts were flat ignored.  This fact is troubling because a little effort and resources to engage them could have produced a better turnout if not the margin of victory.

Problem: Some people familiar with politics and policy are dumfounded that candidates and parties seek to engage our community a few months before an election.  The engagement doesn’t feel like a discussion of issues but more like “we are here to tell you what is important to you.”

Solution: OPEN 20/20 insists that the cultivation of our community is constantly ongoing; a cultivation of the grassroots nourished by some of the funding tossed into ad buys. Actually, we want to create a network that is a platform for whoever are candidates in the future.  20 people in 20 communities who can use their existing networks to push the discussion on social media and who can fill ventures.

Socialize With a Purpose:  Honestly, rural areas need more positive socialization.  OPEN 20/20 seeks capitalize on this cultural fact.  From a lunch to a dinner to a grown folks music reception, we seek to entice trendsetters out, present our purpose and build an outstanding network.

Advisory Council: A small group of grassroots, governmental or policy professionals who add expertise and credibility to OPEN 20/20.  The A.C. would include former actors in the political policy arena who can’t believe how off track politics and policy are.  Of course, members of the A.C. might benefit from a stronger political presents in our community.

20 Area Trendsetters: Every community has people who “move the crowd” and/or non-traditional community leaders.  Of course, traditional policy and advocacy efforts operate with the assistance of traditional leaders and best wishes to them.  We seek to resourcefully solicit the support of leaders who might not know their influence potential.

Platform: If OPEN 20/20 is a cyber and actual educational platform, it needs to be edgy and direct in a way the establishment can’t be.  Like the political stumps of old, everyone might not agree with every angle or approach. However, a political party is strongest when a range of groups come together for understanding and consensus.

Sensible Center: Southern moderates/centrists feel ignored by both major parties but we know that most disenchanted citizens fall into our range on the political spectrum.  OPEN 20/20 founders have been working on this concept for over a decade and actually have elements of reasonable conservatism.

Educational Component:  When this operation is up and successful, those involved should be primary research sources for political parties, candidates and interest groups. The ultimate goal isn’t political power but improving our community through public policy.  Toward that end, OPEN 20/20 seeks to have a robust discussion about the role of government.


Albany, Americus, Thomasville, Valdosta, Bainbridge, Tifton, Cordele, Moultrie, Columbus.

Macon, Warner Robins/Perry, Fort Valley, Milledgeville, Dublin.

Waycross, Brunswick, Hinesville, Statesboro, Vidalia, Savannah.

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